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Pumpkin Makhana Soup

Pumpkin Makhana Soup

Soup for Babies, with pumpkin , makhana & sesame seeds. This is appropriate for 8+ month babies, so easy to digest and keeps them warm during the rainy & winter seasons. Btw, pumpkin eases out constipation in babies too.

Serve the pumpkin makhana soup in the evenings and then take them out for a walk at the park or play 🙂

-1 Cup Pumpkin chopped
-1 Clove Garlic finely chopped
-½ cup Lotus seeds roasted and grinded
-Salt (optional for babies)
-A pinch of turmeric
-A pinch of sesame seeds powder (Black or white)
-⅛ tsp pepper powder
-Water – 3/4 cups
-1 tablespoon ghee


1. Wash, peel and chop pumpkin into cubes. Finely chop garlic. In a pressure cooker, heat a tbsp of ghee and add garlic. Saute them for few seconds.

2. Now add in cubed pumpkin. Give a quick stir. and mix well. Add 3/4 cup of water. Sprinkle required salt. Cook everything together in medium low flame for 10 mins

3. Add in grinded lotus seeds powder, a pinch of sesame seeds, turmeric & pepper powder at this stage.

4. Transfer the mixture to a blender with water used for cooking. Grind it to a smooth puree. Serve the soup warm!

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Shalini Santhosh

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