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Laddoos – Easy Cashew & Dates Balls

Laddoos are our favourite snack. Here’s a quick & healthy sugar-free laddoos recipe made with Cashews, Dates, Sesame & Jaggery. These can be made within 10 mins, needs no cooking too.

Since it’s made with dates, sesame & cashews, the snack is rich in iron, calcium, and healthy protein & fats.


Chopped Soft Dates – 3/4th cup

White Sesame Seeds – ½ cup or dry coconut – ½ cup

Cashew Nuts – 1 cup

Coconut Oil -2 tbsp

Jaggery Powder- 1/4th cup

Method Of Preparation

-Grind the cashews coarsely in a mixer

-Grate the dry coconut

-Blend chopped dates, jaggery powder & coconut oil in a mixer

-Then add sesame seeds & cashew powder to this dates mixture. Blend everything together

-Remove onto a plate. Start rolling & shape them into small ladoos.

-Roll these balls in coconut powder to add more flavour. Repeat this step to make –   more such ladoos.

Enjoy this yummy snack!

Please do comment if you have any questions and your feedback on having tried this.

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Shalini Santhosh

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