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Almond Milk – Vegan/Lactose free

Almond Milk
*Almond milk *
We know the many benefits that almonds- the king of dry fruits has to offer, let’s look at some fun & easy ways to incorporate them into our diets.
To make Almond Milk follow this guide –
-1 cup – almonds
-4 cups of water
-Cardamom powder/kesar/jaggery – optional
Method Of Preparation
1. Wash the almonds in running water thoroughly, a couple of times
2. Soak the almonds in sufficient water for at least 6-8 hours
3. Rinse the almonds and drain the water used for soaking
4. Add the soaked almonds to a grinder
5. You can add cardamom powder for some flavour
6. Add water and blend to a smooth paste. Add more water, if necessary
7. Strain it to remove the pulp
8. What gets collected in the vessel is almond milk
You can add some kesar & jaggery and drink it up. It tastes very yum.
Or you can use it in your porridges, cereals, smoothies & shakes.
## Warm it using the double boil method – Which means don’t directly heat the milk. Place a big bowl of water on the stove. Bring it to boil. Now place the bowl of almond milk and let the boiling water warm the milk. Don’t heat too much, else the milk may curdle
Store in the refrigerator and use before 2 days for your kids (fresher the better)

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Shalini Santhosh

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