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Kodo Millet Idli 

Recipe to make your own kodo millet idli batter at home to make soft soft idlis for your little ones. Just soak, grind, ferment, steam & serve. Lets get into the recipe super quick.


  1. Whole Kodo Millet 3 cups
  2. Udad Dal 1 cup
  3. 1 Handful of Poha/Avalakki


  1. Wash & Soak all the ingredients for at least 4-6 hours (preferably at about 6pm)
  2. Just before going to sleep, put them in a mixer and grind for 1-2 mins to make a fine batter .
  3. Pour batter into a big broad vessel, cover and leave it to ferment.
  4. The batter doubles it size by morning.
  5. Pour batter into idli steamers and serve your kids super soft yummy & extremely nutritious kodo millet idlis with chutney or sambhar.

Nobody will even know there is millet inside, except for a slight change in colour 🙂

Ta da..Super easy. You all must try. The secret ingredient here is poha/flattened rice is what makes the idlis softer. Dont put too much also, just a handful is enough. .

Millet recipes are so so easy. And they are easily 3-4 times more nutritious than rice based idlis. So do try it. Share pictures when you try them okie.

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