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Drumstick leaves Powder| Immunity powder

How to make drumstick leaves powder:

Separate the leafs from the big stems. Clean & wash them. Dry them on a soft cotton cloth inside your home only. Dont expose them to hot sunlight, there will be a nutrient loss. It takes 3-4 days to completely dry. Just put them in the mixer and make a fine powder. Try to make small batches of them and repeat once its over.

Drumstick leaves are an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin A and zinc.

My inspiration for this post:

I met one of my friend’s child last week, and noticed that her 4 year son had gained good healthy weight and appeared to be stronger since I saw him a month ago. Curious, I asked her what did she do. She told me that she has been adding a teaspoon of drumstick leaves powder in a bowl of raita / curd. Her son is very fussy to eat veggies, so she had made this powder herself by drying them at home and making this alternative diet for her fussy son.

One thing, I am so happy she was so creative to use different solutions to address the problem of fussy eating. We regularly complain and end up force feeding our children, but here is this smart mother who is fortifying her son’s favorite food “Curd” and making it tastier & also nutrient rich. Her son just does not know that there are drumstick leaves added to them. But he just relishes this magic curd with rice, roti etc.

I found this really attitude to food really helpful. Kids can be fussy eaters for various reasons. Their body is not ready to digest a certain food element, they dont like the taste, they are so habitually forcefed that they turn away from everything you offer. The reasons are many. All these will go away with time. But in the meanwhile, I am sure there will be a few foods your kids like. Just try making them more special by using superfoods like the Drumstick leaf powder or anything else you have read or your doctor has recommended.

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Shalini Santhosh

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