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Homemade Butter

Need good fats for your children, then try making homemade butter & ghee. It’s a very simple traditional way this is made from malai or cream which you can collect every day from full-fat milk.

Choose good organic A2 milk from a local dairy or a brand you trust.
How to collect malai/milk cream:

  1. Once you boil milk and keep it in the fridge, a thick cream/malai is collected on top.
  2. You can remove this and collect it every morning
  3. Store this cream in a clean bowl and keep it in the freezer.
  4. When you accumulate enough over a week, then you can make fresh homemade butter or ghee.Ingredients1.Malai/cream collected from milk for 1 week2.Ice Cubes – 1 cup

    3.Curd – 1 tsp

    4.Curry leaves – 1 string


    Method Of Preparation

    1.Add malai to the mixture

    2.Add 1 cup of water

    3.Add ice cubes

    4.Pulse it for a minute

    5.Add a cup of water

    6.Pulse it for 2 minutes

    7.Lumps of butter will float on top once done

    8.Squeeze them until water is drained completely

    Kids favourite butter is ready!

    Good fats are important to be fed especially for kids since this is the age at most of their brain development happens. And the brain needs fats 🙂 Just choose a good one to feed.

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Shalini Santhosh

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