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Ragi Moong Dosa for Kids

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Quick Ragi Moong Dosa for Kids & you 🙂 Ragi or Nachni is rich in calcium. It has 3 times more calcium than a glass of milk! So do include it in your kids diet regularly.

This is an easy recipe that your kids can enjoy with ghee, chutney, sambhar etc.


1. Ragi Flour 1 cup (you can also use Early Foods Organic Sprouted Ragi Mix)

2. Yellow Moong Dal 1/2 cup

3. Salt (as per taste)


1.Soak the Yellow Moong for 2-3 hours in just enough water.

2.Take a mixer, add ragi flour, soaked moong and blend into a smooth batter. Add some salt if needed for taste.

3.Pour on a hot iron pan into small dosas.

4.Add a spoon of cold pressed oil and cook on a medium flame. Dont allow the oil to smoke. Cook on both sides and serve hot with favorite chutney and sambhar.


1. Soaking the moong dal reduces the anti-nutrients and makes it easy for the kids to digest protein well

2. Use an iron pan instead of a non stick to make dosas

3. Use cold pressed oils for kids, good fats is a must for their early brain development.

I  personally love the ragi moong dosa. Try and let me know if you and your kids loved them too!

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Shalini Santhosh

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