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Sesame Milk

Sesame Milk has ~10x more calcium than cow milk. Our bodies absorb the calcium in sesame milk far better than the animal milk. Btw, its not just calcium but the amazing fat content in sesame milk is good for development of little brains too 🙂

Sesame seeds have amazing health benefits.

Age: 8+ months and above (dilute it with 1 litre water)

  • Sesame seeds 1/4th cup
  • Almonds 1/4th cup

Method –

1.Soak sesame & almond separately in hot water for 15 minutes

2.Peal almond skin and grind both sesame & almond in a mixer with water.

3.Add one cup of water

4.Strain to extract the milk

Use this milk either as is or by diluting it with some water.


1. Make it fresh in small batches as needed
2. Soak sesame & almonds for 2-3 hours if possible before making this recipe
3. Dilute the concentrated milk with about 750ml – 1litre of water and then consume
4. If you want to warm it, double boil the milk by keeping another vessel with water at the bottom

How to use it for kids:
1. Once extracted, add the diluted milk to porridges in the last stage so you don’t have to cook the milk again.
2. Just feed warm milk with jaggery (optional). A few tsp of plain milk for babies is also good enough.
3. Adults, especially mom’s can consume it once a week.

1. Avoid using it for 2-3 days, so make fresh as needed and finish it the same day 🙂
2. Avoid during summers, preferred during rainy & winter season

Feed 1-2 times a week is sufficient for babies.This content is Inspired from Dr.Khader Vali’s lectures. He is known as Millet Man of India. He says fat content from sesame milk is extremely beneficial for development of the brain.

For more such recipes, follow the Early Foods blog


Shalini Santhosh

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