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Broccoli Roti

Broccoli Roti

Serve your little ones hot, quick to make Broccoli Roti! Some kids hate green vegetables in their original form and my son is one of them too. They could be overwhelmed by the size, weird shapes of a Broccoli. Or the reason could be because its not their favorite colour too.

But when I introduced it in the form of Broccoli roti he loved it. I love these broccoli parathas, since he ends up eating more Broccoli compared to when added to a gravy or a pasta etc.

So the take away here is : same vegetable, different shape & form. Keep trying and making your kid familiar to these veggies and sooner or later they will be happy to eat all the foods.

– I use 2 full florets of broccoli
– Cut and wash well
– Steam them for 5 minutes until soft enough to be mashed
– Add all the spices (Turmeric, pepper, ginger, salt, green chillies if required)
– Mix well with whole wheat flour into a dough
– Roll into parathas
– Slowly cook on an iron tawa. Not a high flame, we want the broccoli to be cooked well without getting them burnt.
– Add ghee and serve with a chutney or can be eaten plain too

Try and let me know how you liked it. Winter season you get a lot of fresh broccoli’s so make use of this season to eat & feed fresh veggies like these.

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Shalini Santhosh

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