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Sabudana Porridge for Babies

Sabudana Porridge

Easy Sago/Sabakki/Javvarisi or Sabudana porridge for babies. Sabudana is made from Tapioca flour, so its rich in Starch, Carbs and its very easy to digest. It can be used a first foods for baby.

Age: 7 months and above.

Change of Texture: The Sago balls are soft and chewy so its good to introduce it to 8 month+ kids who need to start learning a litle bit of texture difference in foods.

– ⅓ cup Sago
-1 cup Water
-½ cup milk (Breastmilk/ A2 Cow Milk/Coconut Milk)
-1 tbsp Jaggery (Optional- you can use Early Foods Dates Powder too)
-1 tsp Ghee


1. Soak sabudana in water for 2 hours.
2.Now wash the sabudana well in running waterand drain the water
3.In a pan, take the drained sago and add required water
4. Cook in low flame until sabudana becomes transparent
5.Once sabudana is cooked, add jaggery and ghee at this stage and mix well until the jaggery dissolves
6.Switch off the flame, and add milk (any variety you want) once the porridge is warm

1. Don’t cook breast milk. All bio-enzymes will be destroyed if you heat it. So add it at the end to the porridge when its just luke warm
2.Or use good A2 cow milk to prepare the Sabudana porridge

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Shalini Santhosh

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