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Brown Rice Appe Recipe

Brown Rice Appe

Today’s lunch menu Brown Rice Appe Recipe or Paddu, Coconut & Pudina chutney, some cherry tomatoes.

Brown Rice Appe –

I chose Brown Rice because they have more fibre & antioxidants. And once in a while its good to use a different grain from the regular polished white rice.

Method of Preparation :
1.Soaked brown rice with udad dal (3:1 cups with handful of poha) for 5 hours.

2.Ground in a mixer to make a smooth batter.

3.Transfer to a clean vessel and cover the lid and allow to ferment for 6-8 hours till the batter rises.

4.I have also added grated carrots, coriander a little salt & pepper for flavouring the batter after it fermented.

5.Pour them into hot cast iron appe pans, spread generous amount of oil or ghee to get crispy balls.

6.Cook them on a medium flame to avoid burning & smoking of oil.

Coconut chutney with mint was made with very little spice. Just a few peppers & jeera and salt.

Fresh tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C for better absorption of minerals

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