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Jowar Upma with Veggies

Jowar Veggie Upma

Jowar Upma (Sorghum Millet Upma), quick breakfast for kids. It tastes similar to wheat upma but the grains are a little bigger.

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So here is an interesting meal plan for your kids using millets –

1. Jowar Millet Veggie Upma
2. Mango & Pomegranate Salad
3. Homeset curd

Homeset curd is an excellent probiotic that can help in digestion, and also goes well with the upma 🙂

Jowar Upma Recipe:
1. Jowar Rawa 1 cup
2. Chopped Veggies (Bean, carrot, peas, capsicum etc.) 1 cup
3. Tomatoes 1
4. Spices (mustard, curry leaves, Jeera)
5. Chilli powder/Pepper (optional)
6. Salt
7. Water 3 cups

1. Roast the jowar on a medium flame for 10 minutes. In a pan, add oil, add the spices to temper them. Now add tomatoes, salt, chilli powder and cook for 2 minutes until tomatoes soften. Add all the veggies and 3 cups of water and allow to boil. Now add the roasted jowar into boiling water and cover & cook on a low flame for 10 minutes. It will thicken up. Switch off, Cover and leave it to soften more and expand for another 10 minutes. Serve warm.

Keep experimenting, and keep making your kids plate colourful and thoroughly nutritious 🙂

And don’t worry if they don’t eat it or enjoy the food you make. It is sad, but if you get upset, they are going to get upset with the food & the experience of food/mealtime too. You have 10000 more times to try in the next five years, so don’t worry about this one.

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Shalini Santhosh

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