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Green Moong Idlis & dosas with Sambhar

Sprouted Moong Dosa & idli

Green Moong Idlis & dosas with Sambhar -A fermented protein rich food made from moong & brown rice. Sprouting the moong makes it easier to digest for babies.Top this with scrumptious drumstick sambhar, and you have a balanced nutritious meal ready!

Method & Ingredients:
1. Soak 1 cup of whole green moong overnight in water. Next day, drain away the water and cover & keep it in a warm dry bowl or 10-12 hours.
2. You’ll see little sprouts of the moong coming out and they are ready to use.
3. Soak 2 cups of brown rice/white rice for 4-5 hours
4. Now grind the rice, sprouted moong with 2 Tsp of methi seeds in a mixer to make a fine batter.
5. Pour the batter in a broad bowl, cover and leave it overnight to ferment for 8-10 hours
6. Winter season may take more time to ferment. So wait till you see the batter puffed up a little.
7. Pour into hot dosas or idli & serve warm for your little ones & your family with some hot yummy ghee.

Note: The idli will be a little more dense than the normal idli because of the brown rice. Hence try to consume them while still hot.

**Recipe for Drumstick Sambar**
1. Soak Toor Dal for 4 hours (makes it easier to digest for the baby & kids)
2. Boil the toor dal in a cooker
3. In a separate pan cook the drumsticks
4. Now add oil to kadhai. Add mustard seeds, fennel seeds, hing powder, chopped tomato, curry leaves and sauté it for some time.
5. Add the boiled dal and cooked drumsticks. Adjust the water consistency.
6. Add Sambar masala, salt, tamarind extract, 1 Tsp of Jaggery and give it quick boil
7. Turn off the stove.
Sit together & enjoy this yummy Green Moong Idlis & dosas with Sambhar with your little ones. Break the idlis into pieces, show them to dip them in a chutney & sambhar and munch away 🙂

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Shalini Santhosh

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