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Home Made Set Curd

Home made set curd – Inspiring you to make homemade set curd that is amazing beneficial for your kids & family digestive system. Btw, forget the benefits, the homemade curd is far far more yummier than any store bought curd you can get. Just look at how nicely it cuts 🙂

Any packed curd could have the additives like : – Gelatin

  • Maltodextrin
  • Starch or thickners
  • Stabilizers
  • Added sugars, especially if its a fruit or flavored curd
  • Emulsifiers etc.

So ditch the junk, go simple, revive the traditional process of making your own curd at home with the fresh milk you trust. It is also an amazing homescience project & learning for your kids.


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How to set curd?

First, you need to get a good starter. Reach out to a friend who has been setting their own curd for sometime. If not available, try buying some good organic A2 curd from a local farmer’s market, use some of it to start your own curd. First 2-3 days it may not set well, dont worry, continue to .

It is summer time, so make use of this season to set the curd quickly and enjoy this amazing probiotic at home with your kids & family.

So how many of you are inspired and going to set curd at home?

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