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Coconut Milk for Babies

Coconut Milk for Babies

The traditional way to make fresh coconut milk for babies & kids.

How to use this milk for babies & kids?
?Dilute & feed as milk
?Add in kheer/halwa
?Use in porridges
?Add in curries. My favorite is the Thai green curry 🙂

Fresh coconut milk can be a great alternative to cow’s milk or formula too if your baby is lactose intolerant. But don’t use it as a replacement for breastmilk. Breast is best 🙂


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Age: Recommended for 8+ months children.

Benefits of coconut milk for babies:
? High-fat content that is excellent for brain development
?Has antimicrobial lipids that can help kill intestinal worms and improve the immunity of the child
? Rich in calcium

Important Notes:

  1. Make it fresh at home and use it within 2 days.
  2. Avoid the coconut milk powders available, it’s too processed and has most of the nutrients damaged

So, do try and let us know how you liked the recipe. For more recipes, follow us here

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